What is it?

Scrubbing Therapy is a type of pain relief whereby the skin is grazed with a plastic tool (spoon or any tool with dull and smooth edges) so that the blocked energy and toxins are brought to the surface and expelled from the body. A bruise much like that resulting from cupping treatment is created on the surface of the skin where the scrubbing treatment occurs. The colour and type of bruising generated varies depending on the type of disease, and is useful in providing a more detailed diagnosis of the illness.

How does it work?

First, the skin is cleaned and a media (such as a herbal ointment, water or massage oil) is applied to smoothen the skin and lessen friction. The scrubbing tool is then applied to the area for a fixed time. After scrubbing therapy has taken place, the treated area is left without pressure (such as massage, cupping or acupuncture) for a while.


The purpose of scrubbing is to free the meridian energy flow; ease pain; expel pathogens from the body; rid the body of toxins; strengthen body immunity; relieve allergy symptoms (such as hay fever); and to help the body perform in a balanced condition.


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